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Homesteader’s Building Plans Bundle


Bundle and save with five of our most practical building plans for homesteaders. 

The Poultry Farmer 2 is one of our biggest coops at 16′ by 16′. Access the nest boxes conveniently from the outside!

The Mul-T-Coop makes an excellent coop or barn. It’s ideal for people who want to keep flocks separate. Or skip adding the runs and use it for other small animals. Place it strategically between pastures to help with pasture rotation or keeping different groups of animals separate. 320 square feet.

The Double Potter is a greenhouse and potting shed combination that offers a great workspace on any homestead. 192 square feet.

The Simple Shelter is an ideal shade structure and can also provide protection from snow and rain. Use for wood, hay, equipment, or animals. Add sides (permanent or removable) for even more protection. 8′ x 15′

The Double Mini Barn was designed as a deluxe two sided dog house that would also make an ideal home for miniature goats or other small animals.  6′ x 11′ 8.5″




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